The exhibiton is now closed.

A Little Glow in the Dark and La Bottega found each other. Or better still, the people behind the two projects found each other and became connected. In a special way. The result is a exhibition on the second floor of the refurbished distillery in Hasselt.

Those at La Bottega feel extremely connected with their clients and literally do everything they can to offer the widest range of fashionable to the trendiest brands in a pleasant, lively and contemporary environment. They do this with ambition, with energy and with pleasure.

Marc and Karine, the people behind La Bottega, equally believe that there should always be the time and space to stand still. Time and space to put on your ‘restful outfit’ just now and again. And doing so to remain sufficiently ‘conscious’ in today’s fast-moving and complex world. That’s why they became connected with ‘A Little Glow in the Dark’ by Luc Gijbels. A project focusing on connection and consciousness.

The stunning exhibition area on the second floor is the ideal place to give time, your time, more time. Time for a special and unique art project.